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  • High volume . Big Sales Items


    With the new products to be released, how to sell out the ex-model products in a high volume and big sales trade in other market without to impact the local market strategy? We offer you the new way with large pallets based or container shipment business to trade with, it creates a based market for […]

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  • Franchised or Licensed Products


    Want to try your products in a new market? Will it difficult for small or medium sized business? We can offer you the chance to test the water at the new market to see whether your products are comparable or what needs to be improved at the developed and mature markets, with the well-developed retail channels […]

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  • New Regional Office Setup


    Nov 6, 2015 BNM had setup their first regional office at Osaka. The office will be mainly focused for sourcing high quality Japanese brands of Baby and mother products, it will also provide an assembly platform for the OEM products. Our office located at the center of Osaka and just opposite next to Osaka exhibition center. We […]