Baby Brands Products


We have been in the baby market for more than 12+ years, our expertise are range from market demand and research, product design, production, time-to-market strategy, wholesales and retails, customer’s behaviors, drive us to the next level of products awareness, market segmentation and customers’ sensitive for different regions in each of countries.

We used to select and promote the best quality, reasonable prices and healthy oriented products to the new market, customers are willing to try on without to worry about the nature of products as all of those are love-hearted choices.

We have currently more than 150+ brands and 20,000+ SKU sold which cover the end-to-end requirements, such as daily used items of milk powers, diapers/pants, baby foods and drinks to toys and gifts, down to cosmetic and household items. For baby brands, we are offering top 5 brands of baby products sourcing from Europe, US/Canada, Australia/New Zealand and Japan/Korea for the most of parents needed and required. In addition, we are sourcing the new products which is coming out to the market for best quality and better pricing with innovation and healthy/natural as design oriented. For any new products which have those core elements will be welcome to our family tree to reach out the different markets in the world, we will approach you, and you very soon.

Remember our company, we are the bridge and door key for you to open the new channel for the new and existing market.