We formed our business in Hong Kong in 2003 mainly focusing on infant and maternity products offering both online and retail experience to our customers. In 2005, we set up our first regional office at Osaka and started our sourcing business onward.

BNM Japan Co. Ltd is one of the world’s leading brand on infant and maternal accessories, beauty cosmetics and household items.

We have a broad portfolio of great brands such as Kao, Pigeon, Unicharm and many more. Our focus is to bring these brands to new levels, expanding their category penetration and global reach.

Strategic and design-driven, we are category leaders in infant and maternal accessories, beauty cosmetics and household items with the best design and sales teams in the industry. It is our deep product expertise and global scope that sets us apart from other companies.

Apart from the branding businesses, we offer our clients and business partners to advance their products coverage in the high populations and developing countries with our well-organized retail channels, warehouse facilities and dynamic logistic arrangements.

With more than 12+ years foundation on our own retails/warehouses, logistics team, marketing and brands group to smooth the products-to-market circulation. From the basic foundation to one level up with our broad range of sales/distribution channel, we can comfortable to penetration the products into small, medium and high-end precious stores and markets. Under this two-layers foundation and penetration, end customers will be fingernails away from your new and existed business.

2003 : BNM 香港 創業
2004 : 最初の小売店をオープン・倉庫設立
2009 : 最初のOEM製品、ベビーゲートを販売。
2010 : 韓国への部品外注市場を拡大。
2011 : オーストラリアとニュージーランドへの部品外注市場を拡大。
2012 : ドイツ・イギリス・オランダ・アメリカ、およびカナダへの部品外注市場を拡大
2014 : BNMマカオ設立
2015 : BNM日本設立