OEM 業務

Our goal is to take these brands-whether it is new, developing or mature - to the next level. We partner with brand owners or licensors to expand their brands into new exciting products categories and geographies.

We work with brands in a number of ways:

Controlled Brands: We are involved in every single aspect of our brands and are committed to grow them on a global scale. From brand strategy to design to sales, marketing and retail/wholesales experience, we nurture these brands every step of the way. We offer the brands to join the key events of activities shows and high rating department stores to improve existing margins and best return on the investment. We will offer the combination of new stores of both shop-in-shops and stand-alone, using online sales to grow for sales momentum, re-launched e-commerce site to further strengthen brand storytelling and customer engagement. Leveraging our expertise as global relationships with retails and warehouses.

Licensed Brands: We partner with brand owners or licensors to expand their brands into new exciting product categories and geographies. We immerse ourselves in a brand's DNA to understand what that brand is about - its overall aesthetic, its business, its vision. Our expertise allows us to create products in key categories that are relevant and successful for some of the most iconic brands in the world. For the lower light of market purchasing power, we offer the way out for those discontinuation and underperforming brands in the weakness market to the developing market which can be driven by our global present of small and medium shops.

Brand Management: We provide a seamless brand experience for our partners to help them open doors to new markets, expand into different categories and ultimately engage new consumers. As a global brand extension business, we offer 360 degree of services to our brand owners and licensees that covers consultancy, strategy, sales, retail, warehouse, creative, products and marketing, managing the entire process from concept development to market launch.

For the year 2015 onward, we will strong focus on iconic Japanese brands in the affordable luxury space and daily necessary area; we are unique - we grow and globalize brands through licensing, ownership and brand management. We have a strong brand portfolio, leveraging our core competencies in key product categories. We are capturing new business opportunities in an evolving industry landscape, such as expanding portfolio of long-term licensing partnership with various brand groups. We are capitalizing on the digital opportunities with own-channel initiatives around the world, especially, strategic partnership in China, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. We will continue to strengthen the organization with investment in our global talent and improved cost efficiency for our clients and customers across our global platform.

You can contact our team at business@bnm.co.jp to realize your future potential.

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